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Middle Children

Feb 28, 2022

Chris just got back from Tampa, he had a very pleasant time and got an amazing tarot card reading. Jessie found some cute shoes and is back working on self-love instead of self-worth. We get back into the Hallmark Movie Of The Week: Love In The Cards, such a funny script about rich women.

If you need more, maybe go...

Feb 14, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day you babes! The beginning of this one is giggly. Chris went to see Casey Muskgraves and definitely has some thoughts. Jessie rewatches some Disney movies that she forgot were good. Chris is taking a trip to New Orleans so that should be fun. We get into our dating lives, our favorite romantic...

Feb 7, 2022

Jessie’s back and her voice sounds lovely!! She gives us the update on how she’s feeling and what she’s been going through. Chris saw Six The Musical and Phantom Of The Opera. Which gets us into other musicals we like, what kind of apartments we want to live in, and hone in on the vibes we want.

We’re making...