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Middle Children

Jun 26, 2023

We’re back! Chris is a lil bit sick, but has been busy trying to look great for Spain. Jessie’s family beach trip was a success! She loved the dynamic with her family, and it get us talking about the right way to make plans on vacation. Winnie is still avoiding the nail clippers, and Jessie’s watching a...

Jun 12, 2023

Has anyone ever thrown shade at you for singing? How do you feel about seagulls? Jessie is going on her family beach trip and bringing Tim! Chris just booked tickets to go to Spain for a beach trip too! We get into another Hallmark, this one is all about reality TV with all the usual humor.


Jun 5, 2023

Chafing season has arrived! Jessie wants to buy $1000 pants, Chris talks her out of it. All the new pants are low-rise anyways, how ridiculous! Jessie went shopping and Chris lets us in on how he feels about the stores she mentions. Do you agree prices are insane right now? We go over our retail gripes but make...